About Us

The "ZOOMI" brand was created by me, Carl Cajuste based on my poker image as a poker tournament player and my interactions with my students in the classroom.  During my early stage of playing tournaments, I was a very aggressive poker player. It was either I had most of the chips early or I was the first player to get knocked out.Therefore, the players started calling me "Zoomzoom", as the fast one to get most of the chips early or the fast one to get eliminated. And so, the name "Zoomzoom or Zoomer" was linked to me. A few years later, the name became my identity, where I would use it as a noun, a verb, and an adjective in every conversation and/or situation. 

Thus, as a teacher, I started using ZoomZoom at work, in the hallway, in the teachers' lunch room, and in the classroom during instructions and class activities. The students got into it and liked it so much that  they have been calling me Mr. ZoomZoom instead of Mr. Cajuste. I would ask them: "Did you do your zoomzoom (your homework), "are you zooming (are you working) or (doing your work), "stop talking and do your zoomzoom (classwork), put your pencils down and pay attention to the zoozoom (lesson). I also introduced a "ZZP" (Zoom Zoom Pass) that students can earn every time they would catch me making a mistake during instructions.  With 10 accumulated "ZZPs, students can use them in a test or trade them for an assignment. The ZZP became very effective in the classroom because it keeps the students engaged and focused during instructions. The name Zoomzoom is so catchy, that some of my colleagues have been using it, and my zoomers (students) are enjoying it. The word helps bring motivation, good connection, and a positive relationship in my classroom.  

And so, I started thinking and asking myself what can I do with my Zoomzoom identity.  Well, I came up with the idea of creating my own clothing line "ZOOMI". ZOOMI is a very unique clothing brand with many different slogans and positive messages.  For example, some people define "Fear"as (False Emotions Appearing Real). Some others define it as (Forget Everything And Run). However, I define it as (Face Everything And Rise) "F.E.A.R". 

ZOOMI is a brand of good vibes and positive energy that is desiged by me with quality materials that are custom made in the USA. The name is very catchy and user friendly. A "Zoomer" is someone who is resilient, a grenadier (warrior), a person who could be down but won't stay down, a person who does not quit, and who is ready to accept life's challenges and rise above them all. As far as my students are concerned, a Zoomer is a kind, smart, respectful, responsible, hardworking, and caring student with a 'PMA" (Positive Mental Attitude) or "PMS' (Positive Mind Set).  

As far as I am concerned, ZOOMI is way more than just a clothing brand.  It is a way of bringing awareness to the nation and our school districts about gun violence, and all the senseless killings, and the schools shootings that have been taken place. So, I came up with "M.O.S.S.A" (Make Our Schools Safe Again), as a way of reminding everyone that our wounded schools need to heal, and they need their sense of safety and security back.

It is sickening to hear and watch the mass shootings and senseless killings that have been taken place in our schools. The sense of security, safety, and peace of mind have been taking away from us, especially our youths.  Therefore, we are all responsible to do something in order to bring changes in our communities, towns, cities, and our nation.  No parents should worry or be afraid of sending their kids to schools. No kids should be afraid, under stress or have anxiety while trying to learn. 

Back in the days, a food fight in the cafeteria, or a fist fight on school ground was what students and parents had to worry about, and what teachers and administrators had to deal with. Today, with the gun violence and school shootings, the students and parents can't be at ease,  teachers and administrators are always in the look out.  The peace of mind, safety, and security have been taken away from our schools and our nation. The students can't really focus on learning as they are in a state of panic.  Our schools are wounded and the healing process needs to start.  We need to have a better system in place in order to protect our kids and prevent future shootings on school grounds. The ZOOMI brand and with the slogan "M.O.S.S.A" are to remind our kids that violence is not the answer. It is better to attack the problem instead of the person. The ZOOMI brand and with the slogan "F.E.A.R" is to remind our kids that no matter what they are going through, they don't have to be afraid, and that they can face it and rise above it.  We are all responsible to make a positive impact in this world, and especially in the lives of our youths. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our community.  We may not able to save the planet, but we can help save some lives, especially, the lives of our youths.  

To conclude, I encourage you all to jump into the Zoom Wagon, ride along the Zoomzoom way, and start spreading a Zoomzoom message. So, let's M.O.S.S.A, and let's F.E.A.R.


Carl Cajuste 'AKA" Zoomzoom "AKA" Zoomer, "AKA" EL-Zoomer, "AKA" Mr. Zoomzoom